Bianca suffers consequence outside the home and loses what she feared most


Bianca Andrade is losing followers after exemption in BBB20 (Photo: Disclosure)

Bianca Andrade is suffering from the public’s rejection of BBB20 and it went wrong after being ‘canceled’

The digital influencer and businesswoman Bianca Andrade, better known as Boca Rosa, fell to the disgrace of the public of BBB20 and it has caused revolt.

All this after the fight that took place in the most watched house in Brazil at dawn this Monday, February 3rd. The doctor Marcela Mc Gowan decided to expose the evil plan of Hadson and the other boys of the house against Mari Gonzalez in an attempt to dirty the sister’s image with the public.

The women of the house, after a meeting in the Céu room, got together and went to confront Hadson, Lucas Galinna and Felipe Prior. It turns out that Bianca Andrade’s position caused rejection and the public started to ‘cancel’ the businesswoman on Rede Globo’s reality show.

Is that Bianca Andrade did not side with her friend, Mari Gonzalez, and even supported Hadson and the boys, standing against Marcela.

Bianca Andrade, Boca Rosa, BBB
Bianca Andrade, Boca Rosa, collects controversies inside and outside the BBB (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

Boca Rosa also hinted in conversation with Guilherme, leader of the week, that Marcela would have invented this whole story with the girls because she felt insecure inside the house. “They say I have to be on their side,” he complained. “You had to see the racket they made, of girl power and feminism,” she said, mocking the feminist movement. “That he is a sexist, we already… it is very serious to say that”, he concluded.

It didn’t take long and Bianca Andrade’s attitude was disapproved by internet users and the cancellation has already begun to be felt in the number of followers of the famous in her official Instagram profile.

The celebrity in the makeup world started today with 9,360,291 followers on Instagram and over the course of the day lost more than 81,000 followers, reaching 9,278,743. It is worth mentioning that the digital influencer, who depends on his followers to survive, was since mid-2019 without suffering loss of followers.

With all the shack and Bianca’s lack of support, Mari showed her discomfort with her friend. “If you do anything with a friend of mine, I’m with you. If they did anything to you, I would be with you, ”said Mari, who chose to side with the girls. “I respect you. We are being friends here, but you are not my friend in life, ”she said.

Before that, by the way, Bianca Andrade disliked the public when she saw how ‘normal’ the attitudes of the gymnast Petrix were inside the house. He will even have to testify after the accusations of harassment against Boca Rosa and Flayslane in the program led by Tiago Leifert.


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