Boca Rosa is devastated after discovering terrible truth


Boca Rosa cried after discovering she lost support from BBB 20 fans (Reproduction)
Boca Rosa cried after discovering she lost support from BBB 20 fans (Reproduction)

After discovering that she lost support from the BBB audience for trusting Hadson and doubting the girls, Boca Rosa was devastated and cried in the confinement

One of the best known names of the public in the Camarote team that confines sub-celebrities in the BBB 20, digital influencer Bianca Andrade, Boca Rosa, caused controversy among netizens after standing against Marcela and the other girls in the confinement, after they revealed a plan by ex-player Hadson and other boys to eliminate women from the Globo program.

On platforms like Twitter, Internet users are “canceling” Boca Rosa and the influencer, who since her entry into BBB 20 has significantly increased her number of followers, reaching 9 million fans on Instagram, now suffers the opposite effect and more than 180 thousand people have already unfollow the sister.

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With the entry of two new participants at BBB 20 – Ivy and Daniel – who survived the Casa de Vidro, the novices passed on to Boca Rosa the information that part of the public would be disappointed with their posture in the game in defending Hadson and is against the girls and, even more, that she was losing support.

After the revelations, Boca Rosa was devastated inside the BBB and cried horrors, saying that she was feeling “very bad” for being against Marcela and the other sisters. “I am very bad,” said the influential beauty in tears, and then asked Mari Gonzalez for forgiveness: “Friend, I ask you for forgiveness,” she declared.

“I feel excluded”

In the early hours of this Thursday, 6th, Boca Rosa returned to talk about the matter during a chat with Pyong, Guilherme and Gabi, and regretted saying that she felt excluded by the rest of the girls because of her initial pro-Hadson defense.

“I’m not going to lie, I’m feeling left out with the girls. I understand, Marcela is an angel, she tries. But it is not something natural for them, because I was not there when it happened. I was the only one who didn’t support them. I’m really bad about it, ”said Boca Rosa, sobbing.

Leader of the week at BBB 20, Guilherme sought to reassure Boca Rosa and said that things will return to normal soon, yet, he assured the influencer that he gave the benefit of the doubt to Lucas, Hadson, Felipe and Petrix. “Felipe came after you, since he could have gone there and talked to me. You did your part, gave the guys an opportunity to defend themselves, heard both sides, ”he said.

BBB20 pink hadson mouth
Bianca Andrade is losing followers after exemption in BBB20 (Photo: Disclosure)


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