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President Jair Bolsonaro signed a decree, published on Friday (14) in the “Diário Oficial da União”, which placed under his “direct subordination” the Special Secretariat for Strategic Affairs (SAE). The president appointed Admiral Flávio Augusto Viana Rocha to command the structure.

SAE was linked to the General Secretariat of the Presidency, one of the four portfolios with ministry status that operates in the Planalto Palace. Thus, the person in charge of the secretariat responded to Minister Jorge Oliveira, head of the General Secretariat.

Among the SAE’s functions is to assist the Presidency of the Republic in the definition of strategies for the formulation of long-term public policies. The secretariat had ministry status in the Dilma Rousseff government.

The appointment of Rocha, an active general officer of the Navy who was in charge of the 1st Naval District, was also published in the “Official Gazette” this Friday, along with the dismissal of his predecessor, public servant Bruno Grossi.

Admiral Rocha is the third secretary of Strategic Affairs since the beginning of the Bolsonaro government, in January 2019. Before him and Grossi, the secretariat was commanded by General Maynard Marques de Santa Rosa, who resigned in November last year.

Bolsonaro was already considering nominating Rocha for a role at the Planalto Palace. Last week, the admiral accompanied with Bolsonaro the speech of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, acquitted by the Senate in the impeachment process.

Strategic Affairs Secretary resigns

Strategic Affairs Secretary resigns

The same decree that led the General Secretariat’s SAE to direct subordination to Bolsonaro affected the powers of the President’s Special Advisory. Bolsonaro transferred skills in the international area from the special advisory to the SAE.

Among the functions of the advisory is to assist the president in the preparation of information and support material and in meetings and hearings with foreign authorities and personalities, and to participate in the planning, preparation and execution of the president’s international trips.


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