Bolsonaro criticizes Pope’s message in favor of the Amazon


President Jair Bolsonaro criticized on Thursday (13) the message released by Pope Francis in favor of protecting the Amazon, last Wednesday, and said that the forest “is ours”. The statement counters the publication of the Pontiff on his social network in which he says the following: “I address this exhortation to the whole world, to help arouse esteem and concern for the Amazon, which is also ours”. “I dream of an Amazon that fights for the rights of the poorest, of the native peoples, of the last, so that its voice is heard and its dignity is promoted. #QueridaAmazonia”, added the leader of the Catholic Church. For Bolsonaro, however, the “Amazon is ours. It’s not like the Pope tweeted yesterday, is it?” The statement was made on the same day that Jorge Mario Bergoglio received former President Luiz InĂ¡cio Lula da Silva at the Vatican. But Bolsonaro did not comment on the meeting. Yesterday (13), in his traditional live broadcast on social networks, the Brazilian president cited the new National Council for the Legal Amazon and stressed that the objective is to demonstrate that the country is concerned with the region. “A council was created this week that aims to protect, preserve and develop our Amazon, which is very important, to adopt preventive measures against any action that is not in accordance with Brazilian laws,” he said. Bolsonaro explained that the initiative aims to “show the world that we are concerned with the Amazon”. “The Amazon is ours.
It’s not like the Pope tweeted yesterday, is it? “Added the president. The controversy was created in the week when the leader of the Catholic Church published his apostolic exhortation on the Amazon, baptized” Dear Amazon “. However, Francis made no mention of the ordination of married priests as a way to make up for the lack of priests in the forest.The theme was one of the thorniest and most awaited.

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