Botafogo changes coach profile and sees Autuori as perfect for challenge


Since betting on Jair Ventura, Botafogo has systematically bet on young and studious coaches to circumvent the lack of money. In some opportunities, this decision proved to be correct, in others not so many. The fact is that the following choices have caused a need for change.

Bruno Lazaroni’s name was even debated by the football committee, but there was a feeling that Botafogo needed someone with a bigger shell, who could kill problems in the chest, which are not and will not be few in the season. In addition, the board was looking for someone who was identified by the club.

In this scenario, two names gained strength. Paulo Autuori and Cuca. The first was the favorite of the board, while the crowd wanted the return of the second. There is controversy at this point.

While part of the board says Cuca was never contacted, another wing says the coach proved unavailable, which angered some people. The reverse occurred with Paulo Autuori. The professional, who had said in 2006, when leaving Athletico-PR that he would never train a Brazilian team, broke his promise and explained himself.

“I gave up what I defined for my career in Brazil because it is Botafogo and I have to give reciprocity to the club that provided me with everything. Everything I am in Brazil is due to the institution, Botafogo. Contribute so that we can go through some changes and transformations and give my contribution together with Espinosa ”, he said at the presentation press conference.

This attitude was precisely what Alvinegro was looking for. Someone with credentials, identified with Botafogo and aware of the problems that the club has off the field. The coach signed an endless contract with a fixed bond, with a cap value of around R $ 200,000.

“There is great pride in being able to be here. My goal is to contribute at that moment so that the club can gain tranquility in relation to its football core. This is the main reason for starting this work. What I can bring is what I have always been throughout my professional and personal trajectory ”, said Autuori.

Initially Paulo Autuori would have a good time ahead due to the elimination of the Guanabara Cup. However, CBF should mark the match against Náutico, valid for the second phase of the Copa do Brasil, for next Wednesday (19), which would change Botafogo’s plans.

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