Businesswoman is sued for selling fake coronavirus medicine – 02/08/2020


The Civil Police of Paraná fined the owner of a pharmacy in the Lamenha neighborhood, in Almirante Tamandaré, in the Metropolitan Region of Curitiba, on suspicion of selling a cocktail of vitamins as a preventive remedy against the coronavirus. The product was offered in capsules and sold on sale for R $ 79.90.

According to the State Department of Consumer Protection (Procon / PR), the advertisement was announced in a video on social networks. The pharmacy offered the product as a preventive treatment for coronavirus for three months. The product consists of folic acid, selenium, zinc and vitamins A, C, D and E.

The Civil Police and Procon do Paraná did not disclose the name of the establishment, nor the owner. According to the delegate André Gustavo Feltes, the woman argued in her statement that she divulged the medicine as a preventive to the coronavirus because she saw in the media some specialists affirm that the disease could be avoided if the person had immunity up to date.

“What draws attention is the way in which this report was carried out, because depending on the consumer’s level of knowledge, it can be misled, believing that with the consumption of the product, he could be immune to the contagion of the coronavirus, which is not true. The way the information was passed on, it made a lay person believe “, commented the delegate.

The businesswoman was fined the day before yesterday for false or misleading statement of products and services and, according to the Civil Police, the penalty could be from three months to one year of detention, in addition to the payment of a fine. The woman signed a detailed term, which is a minor crime record and was subsequently released. O Twitter failed to locate the owner.

In addition to the crime, the pharmacy will be subject to an administrative proceeding at Procon. She must carry out a counter-advertisement, explaining the purpose of the product previously offered as prevention to the coronavirus. The placement must have the same duration and circulate in the same social media profiles.

The head of Procon in Paraná, Cláudia Francisca Silvano, stressed that the multivitamin is not irregular. What weighed against the pharmacy was the product’s publicized purpose.

“It will have to go public and correctly inform the properties of this product and what it is for, not misleading advertising. (…) The problem is not in the product itself, but in the way it was offered to the consumer, both that in the ad there was a statement that it protected against the coronavirus. People pay thinking they are protected “, he said.

According to the Civil Police, the owner did not know if anyone had purchased the product in order to protect against the coronavirus. If any consumer comes to the police station and is able to prove that he bought it in order to immunize himself against the virus, the crime may evolve into fraud.

Multivitamin does not protect against the virus, says doctor

In the balance sheet released yesterday, China confirmed 31,774 cases of those infected with the coronavirus, with 722 deaths. Of these, according to the local government, 1,540 have already recovered from the disease that affects the respiratory system. In addition to deaths in Chinese territory, more than 220 cases have been confirmed in 24 countries.

In contact with the report of Twitter, the doctor specializing in general practice, Antônio Furlan, explained that the cocktail of vitamins offered by the Paraná pharmacy would not solve a possible infection by the coronavirus. Despite increasing resistance, the product would not be able to give immunity to any type of virus.

“The multivitamin serves to increase the resistance of the organism and does not work to contain any virus. To avoid contracting viruses, it is recommended to avoid being in or coming into contact with people or areas affected by the virus, use masks if you visit risk areas and reinforced food for increase the resistance of the organism “, he explained.


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