Calls the liquidator – 02/15/2020 – Julianna Sofia


The minister’s wild speeches Paulo Guedes (Economics) seem to be traces of irritation hidden by the difficulties of carrying out his plans. In the cry, in the press, in the stupid statement, a way to make the Planalto Palace, the Congress, the society understand the pressing need to carry out their proposals.

The administrative reform of the economic team, after trimmed edges and several repairs at the request of Jair Bolsonaro, lies ready on the president’s desk. That was not why he left – thanks to pressure from the political and military wings of the Planalto and the presidential ill will with the change considered unpopular. It was already blocked when “Posto Ipiranga” decided to call public servants parasites. With the demonstration, it almost degredolou, and now Bolsonaro says that if there is no “ripple”, it will be forwarded next week.

Guedes’ impatience to deal with setbacks and his sincere spasms cause damage. With GDP running below expectations, no one needs an economy minister outside the house to keep company with the government’s radical ideological core, distributing free ammunition to opponents of the reformist agenda.

While Guedes spoke to an audience emptied of barbarities about the exchange rate and the “damned party” of housekeepers at Disney with the real appreciated, the government was unable to comply with an agreement to prevent the Legislature from grabbing a chunk of R $ 30 billion from the Budget. Without a manager, the Executive did not prepare a bill in time to honor the settlement.

The result of a lot of parole and little articulation also puts at risk one of the PECs of the trio of proposals for the fiscal adjustment, under way in the Senate. Guedes’ team ate fly, and a maneuver by allies could cause the measure to extinguish 200 public funds to allow a hole of R $ 32 billion in the spending ceiling.

With the minister screwing up, does anyone call the liquidator?


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