Camila meets her birth mother in ‘Mother’s Love’


Whoever still thought that Camila (Jéssica Ellen) could be Vitória’s daughter (Taís Araujo) will be surprised by another twist in “Amor de mãe”. Lourdes’ adopted daughter (Regina Casé) will meet her biological mother during a trip to Malaquitas. Rita (Mariana Nunes) sees Camila with Lourdes and soon realizes that this is the daughter she abandoned. Thrilled, Rita goes to the home of Lurdes’ mother and introduces herself to Camila.

Photo: Disclosure / Rede Globo

Rita tells Camila and Lurdes that she was fifteen when the girl was born and that she only abandoned her because she was very desperate. Rita says that she returned to the place, sorry, but that the baby was no longer there. Rita asks Camila for forgiveness, but she is rude and cold to her biological mother, who can’t even get close. Hurt, Camila says that she left her on the side of the road to die.


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