Chamber informs size of its impudence: 66% – 02/06/2020


Many wonder how big is the Chamber of Deputies’ commitment to fighting corruption. The doubt was resolved in a extraordinary session held this Wednesday night. In it, Deputy Wilson Santiago, denounced for corruption, received a mandate from his colleagues back that, in the words of Minister Celso de Mello, of the Supreme Federal Court, was put “at the service of a criminal agenda”. The full voting list, available here, dissolves the mystery.

Under the argument that there is a “concrete fear” that Wilson Santiago will use the post again to commit crimes, Celso de Mello had suspended the deputy’s mandate in December. For the hook to be maintained, 257 votes would be required. Then came the revelation. Of the 513 deputies, only 170 (33.1%) voted in favor of the purge.

In a score in which abstentions and absences counted in favor of the accused, no less than 342 deputies (66.6%) contributed to the return of the toxic colleague. Of this total, 233 voted against Santiago’s suspension, seven abstained and 102 fled the plenary. President of the session, Rodrigo Maia did not need to vote.

Repeating: Scarce 33.1% of deputies expressed a commitment to morality. The size of the impudence in the Chamber is 66.6% of its composition. At evidence gathered against Wilson Santiago is abundant and strong. There are videos and audios. He is accused of receiving bribes from works against drought in Paraíba. In a deal of R $ 24.8 million, capilé was budgeted at R $ 1.2 million.

In the speeches, no parliamentarian dared to defend Wilson Santiago – not even himself. Although he was suspended, the accused showed up in the Chamber. Rodrigo Maia offered him the microphone. But he preferred to abstain. The game was played. Everything had been arranged in Maia’s previous meeting with the party leaders.

In general, it was alleged that Santiago was taken off the hook with respect to the Constitution and the legislative prerogatives. Lorota. In a plenary full of investigated, denounced, defendants and accomplices, the majority chose to postpone the gallows of Santiago to protect themselves from the rope.

It was decided that the Board of Directors of the Chamber will send Wilson Santiago’s case to the Ethics Council. The collegiate is better known for its pizzas than for its mandates. Pantomime follows.


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