Craque Neto 10 | Flamengo is a huge customer of Corinthians!


Flamengo enters the field this Sunday morning (16) to face Athlético / PR in the reissue of the Super Cup of Brazil, a tournament that brings together the champion of the Brasileirão against the team that won the Copa do Brasil cup in the previous season. The last time that competition existed in 1991 the red-black was there. I was there too. The game was at Morumbi against Corinthians. ONLY ONE TIME in history that the two biggest clubs in the country played a decision. And just for a change, Timão got the better, beating his rival by 1 to 0, my goal.

To tell you the truth, I always played very well against Mengão. With the right to score many goals. Perhaps the most emblematic of my career was that foul goal at Maracanã against goalkeeper Gilmar. We won that match 3-2 for the Brasileirão de 91. There was also a game in which we scored Flamengo for the Brazil Cup of 89 for 4-2 (I had just arrived at Parque São Jorge). I scored two goals with the right to one of them Olympic at Cantarelli.

So it is obvious that for this Saturday Mengão is a favorite against the Hurricane. After all, the best cast and team in the country has been shooting. The ‘car’ must pass! Now it is good to say that Cariocas are customers of Coringão in decisions. And a lot due to that little goal that was worth the cup. It is linked in the video below in the voice of the eternal Marco Antônio, historical narrator of TV Bandeirantes.


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