Criticism, insults and more: psychological aggressions are the most frequent acts of violence in courtship – News


The study also reveals that 16.4% of women and 9.4% of men have already been threatened verbally or through behaviors that cause fear, such as screaming, breaking objects or tearing clothes.

Also according to the data collected, 14.1% of women and 9.7% of men have already been prevented from contacting family, friends and or neighbors and 13.9% of women and 10.3% of men have been prevented from work, study or go out alone.

Another aspect revealed by the study is that 10% of women and 7.9% of men have already been physically hurt, pushed, kicked or slapped and 9.5% of women and 5.2% of men have been forced to have sexual behaviors unwanted.

Of the total respondents, 6.9% of women and 5.5% of men have already suffered death threats, attacks on life or injuries that forced them to receive medical treatment.

Those who practiced and those who suffered violence during dating have more conservative beliefs about gender social relations than those who have neither practiced nor suffered violence.

Men are those who have more conservative beliefs about social gender relations.

The work reveals that 12.2% of women and 27.4% of men agree that some situations of domestic violence are caused by women and 5.9% of women and 11.8% of men agree that women who remain in violent love relationships are masochistic.

The National Study of Dating Violence in a University Context: Beliefs and Practices is an initiative of the Plano i Association under the UNi + Program, financed by the Secretary of State for Citizenship and Equality (1st and 2nd editions) and by the European Social Fund under Portugal 2020 Social Inclusion and Employment Operational Program (POISE) (3rd edition).


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