Cruzeiro will analyze proposal from Arabs; club would still have three other offers


In an interview with the radio Super News 91.7FM last month, Vittorio Galinari, one of Cruzeiro’s advisers linked to the União family, a group that supported the management of Wagner Pires de Sá, revealed that he had received a proposal from an Arab sheikh for the purchase of Cruzeiro’s football operations. On Thursday, after a regular board meeting, José Dalai Rocha, the club’s acting president, confirmed that he had received a meeting request to discuss the matter and that the offer will be analyzed.

However, in his speech, the officer also revealed that three other proposals for financing the club were made by other business and financial groups, situations that were brought to the attention of the board by other directors.

“I have already received a request for a meeting from a counselor who represents this group (Arab). It is not the first group that wants to finance Cruzeiro. Cruzeiro is a potential. Cruzeiro, despite this momentary downturn, is a commodity of the highest value. We have four financing proposals. Sheikh’s is one of them, all will be analyzed with the meticulousness that the subject deserves “, pondered José Dalai Rocha.

The acting president of Cruzeiro did not give further details about the identity of those interested in financing the club, but told the press that he had a meeting scheduled this Friday with one of the groups. The meeting ended up canceled.

“The other three proposals were brought by councilors interested in recovering the Cruise. Tomorrow (Friday) I would even go to Brasilia to meet with a group there. Unfortunately, this meeting was postponed. But we were already scheduled to meet with a group. funder, “revealed Dalai.

The manager denied, however, that the groups want to buy Cruzeiro or acquire football operations. According to Dalai, the proposals are varied, each with the complexity of specific analysis, and it is not up to the board at this time to explain the content without further study of the cases.

“The proposal is not to buy. It is to finance a tax review, an appreciation of receivables in exchange for financing, they are varied and complex proposals. We cannot explain in five minutes the complexity of these proposals. The greatest importance is that they exist. buys a dead dog, “concluded the club’s acting president.


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