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Although not so new, credit cards without annual fee still attract consumer attention. The fee for using the service, which can be charged at once or diluted on the invoice monthly, up to a few years, was common to all banks.

With the financial revolution generated by the boom in fintechs – from English, the combination of the words finance and technology – the modality of cards with no annual fee became popular, reaching even the most traditional institutions.

Among other advantages offered to consumers of financial companies focused on digital, are: opening an account with less bureaucracy, exemption from fees for banking transactions, among others. All this with just a touch on your smartphone or tablet.

7 credit card options with no annual fee

Check out some credit cards that offer annuity exemption and exclusive benefits to customers.

1. Nubank

The “roxinho”, as it is popularly called, was one of the pioneers of the modality of digital bank and credit card without annual fee. With Mastercard International flag, it can be used for purchases inside and outside the country.

Regarding tariffs, fintech has installment rates ranging from 0.99% to 13.75% per month. In case of late payment of the invoice, interest + late payment of 1% a.m and a fine of 2% a.m are charged, respectively. Regarding the rotary, the variation is between 2.75% and 14% a.m.

2. Banco Inter

Its main offers are the Gold, Platinum and Black credit card options. Enabled for international purchases, the modality is exempt from annuity and abusive interest rates. That’s because at Inter, the value of the rotary is fixed at 7.7% a.m.

In the case of purchases outside the country, the financial company stands out with the low rates on transactions abroad: the Dollar PTAX + 1%. The only disadvantage is the difficulty in obtaining a limit increase, given only after the customer’s registration analysis.

Because it has a Mastercard banner, the card gives access to the Mastercard Surpreenda program, with the offer of “Buy one and take two” at partner stores.

3. Neon

The request for a card with no Neon fee can be made online, via internet or application. The first step in getting approval is to open an account and make the first move. In addition to the annual fee, fintech also does not charge fees for issuing the card.

In relation to interest on the revolving share, the amount may not be attractive: 9.9% a. m, while the installment of the total balance of the invoice is 8.9% a.m. Fine for delay + delay is 2% and 1% a.m, respectively.

Visa, can be used for purchases abroad.

4. Next

The Next digital bank was created by Bradesco to compete directly with other fintechs in the market. Through the application, interested parties can request the so-called “basket next”, with a request to open a current account + debit and credit card together.

In addition to the basic advantages available in financials in the category, with no annual fee and easy operations, Next also offers discounts of up to 50% in partner companies, such as Uber, McDonald’s and Cinemark.

Delays in payment of the invoice generate a fine of 2% on the balance due plus interest of 9.9% a. m. With the Visa flag, it can be used both in purchases in Brazil and in other countries.

5. Digio

One of the best options on the market is Digio. This is because, in addition to not charging an annual fee, the credit card is also free of interest on a revolving basis. Bank customers can also track spending in real time from anywhere using the app on their smartphone or tablets.

The only tariff is the Emergency Credit Rating (R $ 4.99), charged when the card limit is exceeded. Concerning interest, installment of invoice is 8.90% per month, for days in arrears, 10.99% per month and national and international withdrawal, 7.90% per month

6. Credicard Zero

As in the previous ones, the main functions of Credicard Zero can be performed by the application. The main advantage of the card is the discounts to partner stores, including Netshoes, Decolar, Magazine Luiza, Rappi, Cabify and more.

Security is also another highlight. Through the application, it is possible to generate a credit card for online purchases with a duration of 48 and a limit of one use. After this period, the data is expired and loses use.

In addition to these benefits, anyone using Credicard Zero is entitled to participate in the Mastercard Surpreenda program, with discounts on the “Buy one and take two” promotion. In the case of fees, the amount charged in installments of the invoice is up to 13.5% a.m and revolving credit interest may reach 13.9% a.m.

7. My_BMG

The meu_BMG non-annual credit card is also international and with a Mastercard banner. Therefore, customers have access to the Mastercard Surpreenda program, in the “Buy one and take two” promotion at partner stores.

One of the services that set it apart from other banks is the possibility of making transfers between accounts, withdrawing from ATMs of the Banco24Horas network, etc.

Regarding taxation and interest rates, the financial website reports that the amounts charged vary according to the agreement, with a margin between 3 to 5%.

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