Does high investment guarantee many titles for a football team?


The financial strengthening of teams like Flamengo and Palmeiras, in recent years, has brought the impression that money is capable of everything. While clubs that have organized themselves economically have rosters full of stars, others in more difficult situations are unable to launch themselves into the market to strengthen their plants. But then, are the “richest” teams really predestined to win all the titles?

O (M) Data, nucleus of data journalism of the Metropolises, compiled the results of the teams with the most valuable players in the last five years and compared them with the achievements of each one. The values ​​were obtained from the platform Transfer Markt. The analysis showed that the investments improved the teams’ earnings, but the financial strength was not able, by itself, to increase the trophy room of each one.

Considering the results of the Football, Copa do Brasil, Libertadores and Sul-Americana, in the most recent five seasons, on just three occasions the most expensive squad raised the cup. In 2017, Cruzeiro took the Copa do Brasil. In 2016 and 2018, Palmeiras won the Brasileirão.

Last year, Flamengo won the Brasileirão and Libertadores with the second most valuable squad. On the other hand, in the 2015 and 2017 editions of the Brazilian Championship, Corinthians did better with the 4th and 9th most expensive plants in the country, respectively.

In the Copa do Brasil, competitiveness is even greater. In four editions, the cup went to clubs with different levels of investment: Athletico Paranaense (2019 – 10th), Cruzeiro (2018 – 6th), Grêmio (2016 – 7th) and Palmeiras (2015 – 3rd).

The value of a victory

According to Transfer Markt, the most valued team of 2020 is Flamengo. With 33 players, on February 1, the squad was worth € 144.30 million, equivalent to R $ 682.539 million. Grêmio (€ 110.60 million), Palmeiras (€ 94.85 million), São Paulo (€ 86.75 million) and Corinthians (€ 83.10 million) appear next.

The challenge is to transform financial strength into sporting quality. In recent years, the calculation of investment by achievement has shown surprising value. With 39 wins and 10 draws in 68 games played, Palmeiras reached a figure of R $ 3.96 million per point achieved. More efficient, Flamengo had R $ 2.5 million / point and took three titles to Gávea.

Santos was in second place with a ratio of R $ 2.18 million / point. The best performance happened in 2015, when Corinthians won the Brazilian championship at a cost of R $ 1.7 million / point, with 41 victories in 67 disputes.


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