Expert who found second projectile at Rosa Grilo’s house is a former PJ, has been in prison and has a new business


The forensic consultant who found the second projectile at Rosa Grilo’s home on Friday, after the house had been sued by the Judiciary Police three times, is a former PJ inspector, a training psychologist, who been in custody for almost five years and that you have a new business.

It was, in fact, this new business that took João de Sousa to Rosa Grilo, defendant and main suspect of the death of her husband, Luís Grilo. First by letter and then by phone, João de Sousa contacted “on impulse” Rosa Grilo, I told you that I could help you and that’s what you’ve been trying to do for about “week and a half”, as he explained in an interview at TVI24.

This morning, together with defense lawyer, Tânia Reis, discovered in the couple’s home in Cachoeiras, Vila Franca de Xira, Lisbon district, “a trace that may be an indication of something” and that TVI knows it’s a projectile, proves that João de Sousa refused to confirm.

João de Sousa went to the couple’s residence because “wanted to contextualize” what you saw in the pictures taken by the PJ.

I had access to the photo report, I was looking at the layout of the house, I did a ‘psychological autopsy’ to the case itself, given the disparate versions of what happened, and it is at that moment that I find the trace “, said.

In your opinion, the research presents “various deficiencies” from which contradictory versions of what happened in that house result.

I saw a trace that may be an indication of something and that is not proof “, just described.

They immediately left the house and called the authorities, but only the GNR went to the place.

“Who should have been on the spot was the PJ Scientific Police”he lamented.

Asked about the timing of the discovery, João de Sousa explained that the lawyer intended to take him to court as a forensic consultant and particularly about the autopsy performed on Luís Grilo and that he ended up going to see the house after being unable to speak in person. with Rosa Grilo.

João de Sousa has no doubts, for all the information he had access to, that the investigation into this crime was “extremely deficient”.

The forensic consultant also clarified that although he is working for the defense, tomorrow he will be able to do consulting work for the Public Ministry, because that is the scope of his work, be it defense or prosecution.


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