Federal Lottery extraction 5469 today (02/19) brings prize of 500 thousand reais


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A bettor may be lucky to receive a prize of R $ 500 thousand this Wednesday (02/19/2020) through extraction 5469 gives Federal lottery. This prize is paid only when you match the numbers printed on the ticket purchased and drawn at 7 pm today, at draw gives Federal lottery which takes place in São Paulo – SP.

The half million prize of the Federal Lottery is only for hits of the first prize band of this modality, and it has four more secondary bands that have low value prizes, but that still make many winners.

Federal Lottery result leaves at 19h today

1st PRIZE39408R $ 500,000.00
2nd PRIZE35420R $ 27,000.00
3rd PRIZE16089R $ 24,000.00
4th AWARD91014R $ 19,000.00
5th PRIZE62738R $ 18,329.00

In addition, the table with the result of the Federal Lottery is published by the team Loterias Diário Prime at 19h15min, due to some delays that can occur in the draw due to the many prize ranges that this modality has.

Federal Lottery Result - Loterias Caixa
Federal Lottery Result – Lotteries Caixa / Credits: Internet

Unlike the other Caixa Lotteries such as Mega-Sena and Lotofácil – which will also be drawn today – Federal has always had its draw at 19:00, due to the many prize ranges.

Extractions are always drawn at Espaço Loterias Caixa. This location is located at Avenida Cruzeiro do Sul, number 1,800, in rooms 313 and 314, attached to the Tietê Terminal. The same is in the city of São Paulo.

Meanwhile, the result of the Federal Lottery is presented live. Thus, the public that wishes to follow the draw may be participating. In this way, one can verify the veracity of what happens at CEF Loterias every day.

Federal Lottery Bets 5469

Lotteries Caixa - Federal Lottery Result
Lotteries Caixa – Federal Lottery Result

Federal bets are different from other lotteries. This is because there is no choice of numbers, but only tickets that already have printed numbers, which can be chosen only in their order.

Remembering that each extraction has only 10 fractions that can be purchased separately or as a whole, costing around R $ 70 reais. The cards are displayed in the lottery shops, but can also be purchased through online purchases on betting sites, such as Caixa’s Online Lotteries.


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