Federal police officer killed in Rio’s favela followed GPS


The federal police attacked by gunshots in the Favela do Rola, in Santa Cruz, in the west zone of Rio de Janeiro, this Thursday, 13, ended up in the community after following GPS directions. One of them died.

The agents allegedly went to the community to deliver subpoenas in an uncharacterized PF car when they were approached by armed criminals. There was an exchange of fire, according to the Civil Police.

Credit: Reproduction / TV GloboFederal agent Ronaldo Heeren, 58, was killed in Favela do Rola, in Santa Cruz, on the west side of Rio

Ronaldo Heeren, 58, was hit by at least two shots, one in the head and one in the belly. The other agent, Plínio Ricciardi, managed to escape. Both work in the operations center of Delecor (Police Station for Combating Organized Crime).

After the crime, bandits sprayed the dead agent’s car with the initials of the criminal faction Comando Vermelho.

According to the newspaper Extra, Ronaldo had worked at the PF for 23 years and was about to retire. Single and childless, he lived in Niterói, in the Metropolitan Region of Rio.


The Military Police carried out an operation in the Favela do Rola this Friday morning, 14, to search for the suspects for the death of the federal agent. So far there is no information on arrests.

The Favela do Rola was taken over by militiamen in 2018. Before it was dominated by the Comando Vermelho.

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