First negative coalition approves Chega’s proposal


It is the first negative coalition of this State Budget for 2020 and with an amendment proposal presented by Chega.

André Ventura’s party proposed the “quarterly public disclosure of funding to foundations, associations and other private law entities” and passed the votes in favor of PSD, Bloco de Esquerda, CDS, PAN, Liberal Initiative and Chega. The PS voted against and the PCP abstained, that is, 109 deputies voted in favor, against 108 of the PS parliamentary group. Livre and the ENP do not have a seat on the Budget and Finance committee, however, they can postpone the vote to the plenary. That is, in the face of such a close vote, the final result may still be different.

“The list of financing from State Budget funds is subject to public disclosure, with quarterly updates, to foundations and associations, as well as to other entities governed by private law, including national and foreign observatories that pursue their purposes in national territory. ”, Reads the text of Deputy André Ventura’s proposal.

Along the way was the proposal to cut funding to foundations, proposing that the amount to be transferred in 2020 “cannot exceed 2/3 of the average amount of the global annual amount of transfers from the three-year period 2017 to 2019 to the recipient foundation”.

Monday was one of the PSD
Shortly afterwards, the opposition parties would eventually manage to pass yet another proposal against the Government’s will. This time from the PSD to replace the salaries of higher education teachers who had risen in their careers, but kept their wages.

“Higher education professors, who were successful in open tender procedures for higher categories, despite advancing in their career, maintained the remuneration position corresponding to the remuneration at the earned date, suspending the remuneration index due”, justify the Social Democratic deputies in explanatory statement.

The PSD parliamentary group argues that “due to the lack of clarity in the legislation, some Higher Education Institutions apply the restrictive interpretation that for these teachers the rules established in which the career change occurred are applied, creating situations of injustice in which teachers of a certain category have lower category wages ”, asking for clarification of the law.

The orange bench proposal passed with the favorable votes of the PSD, Bloco de Esquerda, PCP, PAN. Abstention from CDS and Chega and votes against PS.


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