Fognini: “Nadal destroys you mentally”


Fabio Fognini is one of those tennis players for whom he deserves to pay a ticket. You may like it more or less, but guarantee show when you jump to the track. Out of it, before the microphones, too. He calls himself a “bum” in an interview with the newspaper NRC -Netherlands-.

02/14/2020 at 20:41


Oscar Cubero

One of the hot questions in the world of tennis is the generational ‘Big 3’ relay. Experts are willing to know who will be the first to rattle the cat, that is, who will be in charge of breaking the domain in Grand Slams of the three beasts of the racket. For Fognini, beating Djokovic or Federer being on top of his tennis is “very difficult”. However, it is more feasible to do it against Rafa, since “his game is more physical and allows you to play,” which Serbian and Swiss do not. Mind you, he states that Nadal “destroys you mentally”.

The world number 11 has never managed to win the current 1 and 3 circuit -8 and 4 matches respectively, while Spanish has won four times. He even managed to overcome 2 sets in 2015 on the tracks of Flushing Medows. Tracing that advantage to the ‘Gladiator’ is an almost impossible task in a ‘major’. But, Fabio has an abundance of talent to do so.

If the most successful player in Italy in recent times has not reached higher levels in his sport it is because he has not wanted to. His personality is different from the rest. He acknowledges that he has not taken advantage of his talent, but it is difficult to do so with statements like this: “Many times I prefer to sit on the couch than train”. At 32, he tries to “enjoy” his life outside tennis.

Fognini has been eliminated at the first exchange rate – against Khachanov – this week of the Rotterdam ATP 250.


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