Forest tax threatens sector competitiveness – industry


The forest industry sector “will be seriously affected in its international competitiveness”, if the State Budget comes to include a new tax on forest products “, says a source from CELPA – Associação da Indústria Papeleira.

The same interlocutor reinforces that Portuguese companies already have one of the highest fiscal frameworks in the European Union, competing in an extremely disputed world market and exporting about 90% of what they produce.

“The application of a new rate will affect their competitiveness, which in itself is strongly penalized by the deficit of 250 million euros per year of raw material in Portugal, as well as by the fiscal and parafiscal burden to which they are subject” adds the source of CELPA, recalling that natural and legal persons who carry out activities linked to natural resources are already subject to a maximum IRS rate of 53% and an IRC of 21% on the income they obtain.

Another negative effect will be that it will benefit anyone who simply comes to Portugal to buy forest raw materials to transform them abroad. This is because, “since you do not invest in Portugal you will not pay the proposed contribution”.

The CELPA source also warns that this rate will, in the long run, “jeopardize the sustainability of the 100,000 direct and indirect jobs in the chain and that the multiplier effect on job creation in subsidiary activities in this value chain can reach 7 times” being that it is a sector with 93% of micro companies in the interior of the country.


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