Former Japan coach Zico approves Honda signing for Botafogo: ‘I hope it works out’


More than a marketing ploy by the Botafogo, the signing of the Japanese attacking midfielder Keisuke Honda, 33, can be a way to strengthen the team for the season.

Who secures is Zico, coach of the Japanese national team between 2002 and 2006, today coordinator of the Kashima Antlers.

“He is a player with a lot of technique, excellent passing, good arrival in the area and great kick. Seals faults very well ”, he testifies.

Do you, who know him as few, believe that Honda can be useful, even at the age of 33 and in the final stretch of his career?

ZICO: I hope it works out! And age is no problem. I hope he can take the opportunity because it is perhaps the last he will have to perform in a top country in football. He already had it in Russia, Italy, Holland, Mexico… the last one was in Australia (Meulbourne Victory) and now he has that chance in Brazil. Player who always had good physical shape and technical quality. May he then enjoy it well and be important. And let it be a new market opening up for Brazilian football.

Do you like the fact that a Brazilian club looks to Japanese football in search of players who can qualify the squad?

ZICO: I don’t think they are looking at the Japanese market, but at the team that has 14 players playing in Europe. It is logical that there are good values ​​here, but it is necessary to give them a good adaptation. During CFZ Rio, I took young Japanese to compete in Rio’s Serie C and the São Paulo Cup. When they came here they matured and made it to the national team. So it depends on the goal. Honda, at that age, already chosen, will have no problem adapting. From what they say here (in Japan), he is in the mood to play this Olympics to be held in the country. But for that to happen, it has to be in activity, and in good condition. And this is an opportunity he will have at Botafogo!

What features would you highlight on the Honda?

ZICO: He is a player of great technique, excellent pass, good arrival in the area and great shot. Cobra fouls very well. He did good World Cups in Japan and stood out at Milan and CSKA. I just didn’t call him when I was the national team coach because he was very young and I had the best in the country in midfield. But it has a lot of quality. The last time I saw him play was at the Russian Cup (2018). I haven’t seen it since, and then I don’t know how his physical condition is. But who is good does not forget …

Source: Extra Online


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