Gasoline and alcohol prices reach record high in Brazil | National Newspaper


Brazilians have never paid so much for gasoline and alcohol.

The complaint is general. Anyone with a car has no escape.

“It is absurd, something you look at and think: ‘Wow, how do we pay dearly for something we have here in our country?'”, Said application driver Igor da Cruz.

“How does it feel when you arrive at the post? That I am being robbed, almost, because it is too expensive for gasoline, ”said Justice Officer Vanda Nascimento.

The average price of ethanol hit a record: it is the highest registered by the National Petroleum Agency since the beginning of the survey, in 2001. Three weeks ago, gasoline had also registered a record price, but there was a small decrease. Anyway, from November until now, the readjustment of gasoline was almost 4%, and 9% of alcohol.

In ethanol, one explanation is the off-season for sugarcane. But the dollar, which exceeded R $ 4.30, also weighs in the account.

“There are components such as fertilizers, which are highly impacted by the exchange rate, herbicides, crop protection products and diesel itself, which is used to transport sugarcane, which also suffers from the exchange rate”, explained Plínio Nastari , president of DATAGRO.

As for gasoline, this fuel contains ethanol in its composition, which represents almost 15% of the final price we pay at the pump. And there is also the surge in the dollar that was also decisive.

“Petrobras’ pricing policy, since the end of 2016, has been to link the price of gasoline and diesel to the price of oil in the international market and to exchange rate variations. You make an adjustment for the dollar and also for the price of oil in the international market. The price of oil on the market was not used, but the dollar was used to make an adjustment ”, explained Fernanda Delgado, professor at FGV Energia.

In one of the busiest stations in the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro, the liter of ordinary gasoline is costing R $ 5.19. If you want to fill the tank of an average car, with about 50 liters, it will cost R $ 259.90.

That is: 25% of a minimum wage. This, in Rio, which has the highest average price in Brazil, followed by Acre. The lowest prices are in Amapá and Roraima. The most expensive alcohol is at the pumps in Rio Grande do Sul and the state of Rio. The cheapest, in São Paulo and Paraíba. How to make this expenditure fit the budget?

“Working more with applications, real estate brokerage. I am retired. I’m making it in ten, 30, 40 ”, said application driver Marilena Borges.


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