GLOBO launches Analytic, a real-time analysis platform


RIO – What is the explanation for the news last minute? What’s behind it? What developments can it have or how will it affect my life? In the digital world, with its infinite possibilities, great news is accompanied by many questions. The reader, increasingly demanding, is no longer satisfied with knowing a novelty. He wants to understand it as quickly as possible and in a clear and concise way.

It is with this in mind that O GLOBO launches Analytical tomorrow, a digital analysis platform that will bring readers, in real time, content that helps them understand the main news of the day. For this, it will mobilize a team of specialized journalists (read below) to offer more context and outline scenarios based on the information available in its areas of expertise.

The new Globo platform
is an analytics platform
in real time with quick-read texts
of journalists specializing in coverage
of themes related to power.
Analyzes will address policy news
national and international, economy and
technology, and will be shared
Twitter profile @OGloboAnalitico.
was developed by the team
of Art and Infographics to adapt to
different sizes and formats of
light and pleasant reading environment.
divided by topics, and
The analyzes will be produced by journalists in Rio de Janeiro, Brasília and
São Paulo, with recognized experience in the area they cover.

The new Globo platform
is a platform for time analysis
with readable texts by journalists
specialized in covering related topics
The analyzes will address national policy news and
international economics and technology, and
on Twitter profile @OGloboAnalitico.
was developed by the Art and
Infographics to adapt to different sizes and
light and pleasant reading environment.
divided by topics, and
The analyzes will be produced by journalists in Rio de
Janeiro, Brasília and São Paulo, with recon experience
in the area they cover.
will deal with the backstage and the consequences of
judgments of the Federal Supreme Court.
will analyze the developments of the news
international, especially in Latin America.
will detail how the new information technologies
interfere in the exercise and in the dispute for power.
Maiá Menezes and Miguel Caballero
will address the main news of national politics.
will show the factors that influence decision making
decisions in the conduct of economic policy

– The Analytic will no longer bring opinion texts. For this, O GLOBO has a great team of columnists. The texts published on the platform will provide subsidies so that readers can be better informed, but they will not be positioned – says Alan Gripp, managing director of GLOBO.

Limited size

Inspired by successful North American initiatives, Analytic will have an innovative format in the Brazilian press. The articles will be published in a timeline in which only the first lines of the texts will be displayed to the reader. If you want to go deeper, just click on an expansion tab, which will inform the time that will be spent on that reading (see side).

Another novelty: texts will rarely have more than 350 words, a way to adapt to the time of the reader and the formats most used today. Themes that need to be further investigated should be the subject of more than one article, on their different aspects. The configuration is the result of a permanent study of the habits of GLOBO subscribers, who will have access to 100% of the content. But at first, some articles will be open to everyone as a tasting.

The platform was developed by the Art and Infographics team to adapt to the different sizes and formats of desktops and smartphones, allowing a light and pleasant reading environment in any situation. The analytical content will be shared on the Twitter profile @OGloboAnalitico and will be taken to the pages of the printed editions.

– Our goal is to broaden the understanding of the developments of relevant events, in a form that is accessible wherever the reader is, and whatever support he has at hand – says the analytic editor, Gustavo Alves.

Division by topics

The analyzes can be divided into topics, which guide the central responses of the text, to facilitate understanding. In the year in which it turns 95, Analytical is an important step in the transformation process of GLOBO, which ended 2019 as the market leader in total circulation.

At first, a team of reporters, editors and columnists from GLOBO will feed the new platform in real time, distributed by the newspaper’s headquarters in Rio and also in the branches of São Paulo and Brasília, offering different views and points of view on the most relevant topics of the day. But the idea is that all reporters, columnists and editors of the GLOBO newsroom also contribute, based on their specialties, experience and knowledge of the different angles of the subject to be addressed.

The Analytical texts will seek to identify the main questions and the possible answers and scenarios related to what is being reported by GLOBO. One of the principles of the analysis will be the presentation of different factors that can determine the progress of the facts covered.


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