Globo will not transmit decisive game between Brazil and Argentina


Galvão Bueno is the main sports narrator at Globo (photo: reproduction)
Galvão Bueno is the main sports narrator at Globo (photo: reproduction)

Without space in its programming, the broadcaster must give up a decisive game for the Brazilian soccer team

Next Sunday, the 9th, is not a classic day. It is the day of a superclassic, recognized by all football lovers, and which is usually watched even by those who do not like the sport. It’s Brazil vs. Argentina Day, worth a spot in the Olympics, which start on July 24th.

After disappointing in the duel against Uruguay on Thursday night (7), the under-23 team of the Brazilian team goes to all or nothing against the Argentines on Sunday night. Brazil will only compete for Olympic gold if it beats its historic rival in two days.

The duel, which promises to be electrifying, however, should not be broadcast by Globo. Usual home of the games of the Brazilian team, the broadcaster does not plan to broadcast the game until the publication of this text in TV Focus. Its Sunday program is already committed to another event.

Also on Sunday night, the Oscar 2020 will be held, which has already been confirmed by Globo. The event, however, will not be broadcast live. The broadcaster will only enter the coverage shortly after midnight, maintaining the space of Fantástico and Big Brother Brasil.

Galvão Bueno poses for a photo smiling (photo: publicity)
Galvão Bueno poses for a photo smiling (photo: publicity)

Broadcast on pay TV only

Apparently, the Brazilian will not be able to count on the traditional emotion of Galvão Bueno when narrating games of two of the biggest teams in the world. If the Globo summit does not change its mind, the big and decisive duel will be broadcast only by SporTV and Fox Sports.

This will be one of the rare occasions when Globo will not broadcast a game between Brazil and Argentina. On other occasions, the Rio network has already given up even transmitting the nine o’clock soap to air friendly matches (which are worth absolutely nothing) between countries.


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