Government anticipates vaccination against foot-and-mouth disease in RS


ox being vaccinated against foot-and-mouth disease

Photo: Rio Bonito City Hall (RJ)

The vaccination against foot-and-mouth disease, which would begin in May in Rio Grande do Sul, was brought forward to the first half of March. The measure, authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture (Map), was announced to the Rural Channel by the Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock and Rural Development of the state, Covatti Filho.

“We don’t have the exact start date for the campaign yet, but it will happen in the first half of March. The minister [Tereza Cristina] established that date, because until then the companies that produce the vaccine can work to supply the products on time. ”, explained the secretary.

Covatti Filho was in Brasilia this Wednesday, 12th, accompanied by the state governor Eduardo Leite, to participate together in a meeting with the minister of Agriculture, Tereza Cristina. The main objective of the meeting was to present the main demands of agribusiness to mitigate the effects of the drought that hit the state in recent months. In addition, the pair took advantage of the trip to ask the Ministry of Agriculture to bring forward the vaccination campaign against foot-and-mouth disease.

According to the secretary, the anticipation of the campaign is related to the attempt by the state government to change the health status in relation to the disease. “As Rio Grande do Sul has to go a year without vaccinating to get the vaccine removed once and for all, we need to order [de fim da imunização] a year earlier for the World Organization [da Saúde Animal] – since they meet once a year in May – so, therefore, we need to vaccinate the herd in March. If it were for the normal rite, in May, then we would not be able to withdraw in 2021 ”, he justifies.

In recent months, Rio Grande do Sul has been preparing to request the withdrawal of the vaccine against foot-and-mouth disease for World Organization for Animal Health. Map auditors were in the state in September last year analyzing the possibility of extinction of the immunization. In January 2020, the portfolio sent the audit report to the state government, which indicated 18 points to be improved by next August.

For Covatti Filho, the simplest requirements of the report refer to the adequacy of legislation, while the most complex require the acquisition of 100 new vehicles and the hiring of 150 administrative assistants. The secretary did not know how to specify the investment required for the adaptations, but added that the tenders are already being prepared.

However, even with all these movements, the Secretary of Agriculture of Rio Grande do Sul said, in a telephone conversation, that the state has not yet made a decision on the end of immunization. Authorities will decide by next week whether the vaccine withdrawal request will be filed or not.

“In short, it is not a prerogative that we will become an FMD-free state without vaccination. In fact, this anticipation, if we hadn’t done it, [seria um sinal de que] we would already have a formed decision that we would not want an end to immunization ”, he concludes.

Among the positive points of the evolution of the health status are the opening of international markets and the gain in value to the commercialized animal protein. Among the negatives is, according to Covatti Filho, the need to redouble the attention in defense in order to avoid contamination and, consequently, losses to producers.


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