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The original project, sent by the Executive to ALMG, dealt only with the security forces’ salary recomposition. The increase is 41.7%, spread over 2022. However, parliamentary amendments have extended the benefit to several other categories, such as Education, Science and Technology, Ipsemg, Agriculture, Education, Environment and Sustainable Development, Transport, Public Works and Culture.

The government said that “The amendments incorporated into the project by the Minas Gerais Parliament have not yet been analyzed by the Executive. As soon as they arrive at the Government, they will be analyzed taking into account the state’s financial situation and their constitutionality”.

For the Executive, the financial impact caused by the original text “had already been evaluated and the project’s forwarding is in accordance with the current understanding of the Court of Auditors on the Fiscal Responsibility Law”.

Still in a note, the government said that “the problem of the State of Minas Gerais is structural and only profound reforms can take us out of the serious crisis that we are in and therefore, the State Government remains firm in the purpose of adhering to the Tax Recovery Regime “.

The bill goes to the sanction or veto of the governor Romeu Zema (Novo).

With a payroll that consumes almost half of the state budget, it’s hard close the account in Minas. The debt with the Union alone exceeds R $ 93 billion. In 2020, the forecast is that the budget gap will reach R $ 13.29 billion.

Governor Romeu Zema (Novo) said that there is no plan B: the only way out for the state is to adhere to the Federal Government’s Fiscal Recovery Plan, but the law that defines the prerequisites for membership establishes, among other things, that the state does not grant readjustments.

Pension Reform in Minas Gerais

The press office of the Minas Gerais government said on Wednesday that the text of the State Pension Reform project is being prepared and that it is expected to be forwarded to the Legislative Assembly by the end of this month.

Also according to the advisory, it would not be possible to provide any information before sending the project to ALMG.

Governor Romeu Zema wants to increase salaries in MG even with crisis in the state - Photo: Zema takes office at ALMG Governor Romeu Zema wants to increase salaries in MG even with crisis in the state - Photo: Zema takes office at ALMG

Governor Romeu Zema wants to increase salaries in MG even with crisis in the state – Photo: Zema takes office at ALMG

The bill is from Governor Romeu Zema, who treats the PL as salary recovery for inflationary losses of public security employees the past five years.

If approved, the salaries of civil police, military police, their administrative staff, criminal police and the Fire Department will be increased in stages.

  • 13% will be given in July this year;
  • 12% in September 2021;
  • 12%, in September 2022;

The last two indices will be applied on top of the adjusted amount of the first installment. The accumulated increase will be 41.7%.

According to the State Secretariat for Planning and Management (Seplag), the impact on public coffers will be R $ 9 billion.

If approved, the adjustments take place in a state that is going through a serious financial crisis with wage arrears and installment payments since 2016.

The proposal of the President of the State Court of Auditors (TCMG), Mauri José Torres Duarte, establishes an index of 14.62% for the review of the salaries of the employees of the body, referring to the years 2014, 2019 and 2020, retroactive to the 1st January 2020, according to the Broad Consumer Price Index (IPCA) of the respective years.

According to the author, the expected financial impact is R $ 50.7 million, but this amount, according to the projection of the agency’s personnel expenses, is lower than the prudential limit of the Fiscal Responsibility Law.

Bill 1,449 / 20, proposed by the President of the Court of Justice, Judge Nelson Missias de Morais, provides for a readjustment of 2.76% in the value of the lowest salary standard of the body, based on the date of May 1, 2018, passing to be R $ 1,198.25. For May 1, 2019, the value of this same standard will be adjusted by 4.94%, to R $ 1,257.45. Expenditure will be borne by the Court’s own budget appropriations.

In the case of the State Public Defender’s Office, the proposed increase is 4.30% for civil servants and 4.26% for members of the Public Defender’s Office. The recomposition refers to the period from July 2018 to November 2019, taking into account the IPCA.

The attorney general, Antônio Sérgio Tonet, proposes a 2.76% readjustment to the State Public Ministry, as of May 1, 2018, and 4.94%, as of May 1, 2019, the percentage of recomposition for the salaries of MP’s servers.

The assembly states that the attorney defends that the expenses resulting from the measure will be covered by the MP’s own budget allocations and are compatible with the Laws of Fiscal Responsibility (LRF), Annual Budget (LOA) and Budget Guidelines (LDO), in addition to the Plan Government Action Pluriannual (PPAG).

As it seems, the Assembly’s readjustment project foresees an increase for the house employees of 4.58% retroactive to April 1, 2019.

Projects that increase security wages, TJ, TCE, MP and ALMG must be voted in 2nd

Projects that increase security wages, TJ, TCE, MP and ALMG must be voted in 2nd


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