Guedes tells businesspeople that talks about housekeepers is due to past teacher


Paulo Guedes

(Photo: Gustavo Raniere / ASCOM / Ministry of Economy)

The Economy Minister, Paulo Guedes, met this Friday, 14, with businessmen from the GRI Group, which brings together leaders from the real estate and infrastructure sectors, in a hotel on the south side of Rio. Facing Copacabana beach , for two hours, according to sources present at the event, Guedes gave an optimistic dissertation on the direction of the Brazilian economy, but he had to explain himself about the latest controversial statements, especially the most recent one, which affected the dollar exchange rate.

According to three executives heard by the Broadcast (Grupo Estado’s real-time news system) at the end of the meeting, Guedes explained, when asked, that he had no intention of offending anyone by saying that “even the housekeepers went to Disneyland, a party ”with the dollar low.

He argued that, as a teacher, he usually gives examples to illustrate what he says, and that there was no pejorative intention in celebrating the high level of the dollar, considered positive by the minister.

Guedes’ statement, made on Wednesday, followed another, from last Friday, when he called public servants “parasites” that would be killing the “host”.


At the meeting, Guedes outlined a panorama of growth and reforms for Brazil, according to the sources, and did not bring anything new.

He reiterated the need for tax reform, but did not touch on administrative reform.

He again spoke of the need to privatize Eletrobras, due to the company’s lack of current investment capacity, but did not give a date on the government’s expectations for the sale.

Still according to the sources, he would have praised the approval of new rules for the distribution of gas in Rio, and said that he expects other States to follow the same example to try to reduce the country’s energy tariffs.

The minister also said that the royalties that Rio will receive from the production of oil and natural gas will recover the state’s economy in the next four, five years, but he did not comment on whether this year there will be a pre-salt oil auction, the region with the highest volume production and, therefore, the one that raises the most for governments.

Guedes, unlike the businessmen who participated in the event, entered and left the hotel garage and did not speak to the press.

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