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Fabiana Andrade, ex-girlfriend of Gugu Liberato, demonstrated for the first time after the death of the presenter. During an interview with the newspaper Extra, she revealed the reason for being silent, recounted her ex-boyfriend’s intimacies and pinned Rose Miriam, mother of the presenter’s children.

Fabiana and Gugu dated for three months in 2001. The relationship was taken over during that year’s carnival. “I remember that everyone wanted to take a picture of us, we passed by the Brahma Box, but before that he stood by my mother’s side in another space while I paraded. I was the drums queen of Império Serrano ”, he recalls.

The end of their relationship came after the host’s mother, Maria do Céu, said that this would be the best way, since the two had very different lives. Even so, the two maintained a friendship.

“He was always a dear friend, I didn’t want to comment on his death for that. I had depression, I was really sad”, she reminded Extra.

In the dating phase, she says that Gugu already talked about children. “It was his dream to be a father. He even considered me, but I was very young, I was 22 years old ”, she says, now 40.

When reading the news that put Gugu Liberato’s partner, Rose Miriam, on one side and his family on the other, dispute for the inheritance of the presentedr, Fabiana doesn’t hesitate. “If I were the mother of his children, I would never do what she is doing. For my children. Those kids don’t deserve to be in the middle of it. I see João Augusto in photos and I wanted to hug him. He is the written Gugu ”, he says.

Fabiana highlights the generosity of the ex. “Nobody had to ask him for anything. Gugu once went to Bahia and brought me a shirt full of stones that today would be worth about R $ 3 thousand. He loved to give gifts ”.

Presenter sexuality
The model also highlights the discretion with which Gugu maintained his personal life. “I find it absurd when asked if he was or wasn’t (gay). What I can say is that he was a great friend and an exemplary man ”, he describes.

The last meeting between Fabiana and Gugu happened in 2015 when she participated in his program, at Record, in one of his most famous paintings. “He was testing Gugu’s Bathtub again and as I was a part of it, he invited me. Then I went to the dressing room and took a photo. He is always kind and kind, ”he says.

Fabiana became known in the many samba school parades she did. Today, the mother of an 11-year-old boy and stylist in bikinis, she doesn’t want to go back to the Avenue or know about the spotlight: “I’m tired of all this. It is a very difficult medium. My last show was three years ago. Now I’m just going to watch it ”.


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