How business-oriented IT can impact your business


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Can you imagine yourself in a world without technology? Probably not. The resource is present in different formats of the social spheres. When it comes to the corporate market, technological solutions are synonymous with survival since they contribute to agile and high quality deliveries. In this context, Gartner identified in Brazil a possible increase in investment by IT companies in which there is a forecast of growth of 2.5% over the past year – which represents a movement of R $ 266 billion.

The fact is that Brazilian executives became aware of the importance of IT to boost the company, but, is the capital invested being directed in the right place? In practice, the area is often seen as the basis for the functioning of a company’s gears. In other words, a purely operational unit responsible for solving day-to-day technical problems. Here, I have to say that the use of the technological resources currently available can (and should) go far beyond infrastructure and applications.

By changing the view of the role of technology in the organizational environment, the executive is able to raise the level of the brand by optimizing the company’s level of competitiveness in the face of competition. For this movement to happen, a suggestion is to develop the following perspective: a business-oriented IT area. In practice, the initiative to integrate technological solutions and organizational strategy helps the real analysis of the organizational scenario in order to define priorities, and, consequently, outline the necessary steps to achieve them.

Given this scenario, the starting point for reaching a strategic IT team is to identify the gaps in organizational performance.

Another essential process in this journey is to have someone in the organization looking to the future, promoting essential changes before the real need. Anticipation is one of the fundamental pillars of strategic IT.

At the end of the day, the company’s success is directly linked to the company’s objectives, empowerment and engagement of people, transformation in the right measure and speed to always position itself ahead of the market. Reflects!

Diego Santos is Technology and Innovation Manager at Locaweb Corp Cluster2GO


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