Inmate accuses the couple’s daughter and girlfriend for family death in SP | National Newspaper


The murder of the São Bernardo do Campo family now has five prisoners, and one of them accused the couple’s daughter and her girlfriend of participating in the crime.

Police say that since the arrest of Juliano Ramos Júnior, he has taken the most important step in investigating the deaths of the couple Romuyuki and Flaviana Gonçalves and their son, Juan Vítor, 15.

Until then, the two main suspicions of involvement in the crime were Ana Flávia, the couple’s daughter, and her girlfriend, Carina Ramos. They have been in prison since Wednesday (January 29).

In the first version that they gave to the police, Ana Flávia’s parents, Romyuki and Flaviana said, they owed R $ 200 thousand to a loan shark and that, on Monday night (January 27), the couple of merchants left to pay part of the supposed debt.

The police were suspicious and, based on the testimony of a witness who said he saw another man in the house, asked for the arrest of Ana Flávia and Carina.

Last Friday (31), Carina gave a new version. She told the police that her cousin, Juliano de Oliveira Ramos Júnior, sought her out to find out the financial condition of Ana Flávia’s family with the intention of stealing the residence. Carina said that Ana Flávia and she did not agree with the plan and added that, on the night of the crime, her cousin and two other men appeared in the house by surprise. Still according to Carina, she and Ana Flávia left the place and did not warn the police because the criminals threatened her.

The police did not believe this version, but the information about Juliano led to a new stage of the investigation. On Monday night (3), when Juliano was arrested, he said that five people planned the crime, including Carina and Ana Flávia.

Juliano said the meeting to settle the details was on January 25, two days before the crime. He reported that he and two cronies entered the condominium with Ana Flávia, in her car; that they were after R $ 85 thousand that would be in the safe of the house; and that the criminals took Romuyuki and Juan Vítor – father and brother of Ana Flávia – upstairs.

In the deposition, Juliano said that the two were tortured to give the password to the safe, but did not know the combination. The group then decided to wait for Flaviana, Ana Flávia’s mother. Upon arriving home, Flaviana was forced to watch criminals torture her husband and went into despair. The criminals opened the safe, but found nothing of value.

After that, Juliano stated that the group decided to kill everyone, starting with Juan, and that this was requested by Carina and Ana Flávia. Ana Flávia would have agreed to be able to have an alleged inheritance and possible life insurance from her parents and brother.

Father and son were asphyxiated and the bodies were put in the trunk of the family car. Still according to the testimony, the mother, Flaviana, was blindfolded and was taken in the back seat of the family truck, with Carina behind the wheel. The group reportedly stopped at a gas station to buy gas or alcohol.

Finally, Juliano said that Flaviana was killed by Carina on the road where the car was found burned. The bodies of Flaviana, Romuyuki and Juan Vítor were charred in the trunk.

“What they say was an equity crime initially, R $ 85 thousand. But we do not know if behind that there already existed, on the part of Ana Flávia, the desire to kill her parents. That is the big question, ”said delegate Ronaldo Tossunian, from the São Bernardo do Campo Police Section.

This Tuesday (4), the police arrested two other suspects who were in the house with Juliano, Carina and Ana Flávia.

The lawyer for Ana Flávia Gonçalves and Carina Ramos said she will talk to the two on Wednesday (5) and then decide whether to continue in the case. Juliano Oliveira Ramos Júnior has no lawyer.


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