Intended by the Rooster, Rafael terminates with Cruzeiro and is free on the market


Accompanied by lawyer João Chiminazzo, his brother and father, goalkeeper Rafael was on Friday (14) at his first meeting with Cruzeiro, in an audience held at the 19th Labor Court of Belo Horizonte. The hearing ended in an agreement between the parties, with Rafael having the bond rescinded and released to sign with any other club.

According to the player’s lawyer, the goalkeeper agreed to receive the arrears from the middle of 2021. The main interested party is rival Atlético, who was waiting for the match to intensify the attacks by the athlete, 30 years old.

The fact that there was no representative of the heavenly football department on the spot drew attention. The club was represented by lawyer Fernanda Saad.

In court, Rafael charges, in addition to the payment of wages, image rights, other labor costs, and indirect termination of the employment contract. Previously, club and goalkeeper sought a friendly termination, but both did not reach consensus. Atlético’s interest made the celestial club retreat, so much so that Saulo Fróes, president of the Transitory Leading Nucleus, even considered establishing a fine on Rafael’s bond in case of a hit with the archrival. Last week, however, in a conversation with sources linked to Cruzeiro, the information is that Rafael’s lawyer would be adamant about the situations proposed by the club.

In the last few days, in order not to lose his fitness away from the pitch, Rafael has been training alongside goalkeeper coach Robertinho, formerly of Cruzeiro.

Fábio’s reserve during a good part of his time with the celestial team, Rafael is the 15th goalkeeper who most wore the Cruzeiro shirt in all history. In retrospect, he accumulates 112 games. Last year, it was used in four matches. For the celestial team, he won ten titles: Brazilian Championship (2013 and 2014), Brazil Cup (2017 and 2018) and the Mineiro Championship (2008, 2009, 2011, 2014, 2018 and 2019).


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