Is penile curvature a serious problem?


I don’t know what to do, because I’ve never been there. I’m dating a guy who has a crooked penis. It is very strange, and he said he is in pain! What is it?

Friend, many men have a curvature in the penis. When the condition is more serious, this curve interferes with sexual function and causes pain. This affects approximately 10% of men worldwide, although few recognize it.

There are two possible causes: one is congenital (when it is born like this) and the other is due to some scar acquired throughout life, which characterizes Peyronie’s disease (formation of a scar or plaque in the penile tissue, preventing the organ stretch enough when standing upright).

When the deviation is more than 30 degrees, it is important to have a medical evaluation and intervention. Some measures can be taken to prevent greater curvature or the redness that occurs during erection.

How it occurs

Any condition that allows the penis to twist when it is erect or semi-erect increases the risk of Peyronie’s disease. For example: wearing tight pants or underwear, sleeping on your stomach (while they sleep, they may have three to four erections), masturbating frantically – rubbing your penis in a way that can bend it – and some sexual positions.

In general, when the partner maintains an active position in the relationship, the risk is greater, as the penis is predisposed to trauma. In this case, the woman must take care that the penis does not escape, and the weight of her body falls on the organ.

When the man assumes the active position, he begins to voluntarily control the range of motion. For this reason, it is unlikely that the penis will hit the perineum (region where the genitals and anus are located) when leaving the vagina during sexual intercourse, triggering the trauma. Tell your boyfriend to see a urologist right away.

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