Is VAR ending the emotion in football?


Many supporters in England are against the video referee, claiming that it takes the emotion out of football.

The VAR (video referee) is often the subject of controversy in national and international football. Whether out of millimeter offside or the delay in analyzing the moves, many fans criticize the system for being kill the emotion at Soccer.

In England, VAR was introduced only this season, a year after being presented in the Portuguese League. The objective of the system is to reduce the mistakes made by the field referee, thus having a game with more correct decisions.

As time passed, fans began to turn their backs on the video referee. A group in England has created an online petition (with almost 20,000 signatures so far) to abolish the system next season. “The fans were misled. They told us that the VAR would be used only in clear and obvious situations. We have not seen this, it is not the reality”, they justify, on the website.

This displeasure began to appear, mainly, following goals canceled out of play by millimeters, the player being in an irregular position due to the positioning of the shoulder or toe.

An example of this was in the game between Norwich and Tottenham. A goal overturned by Teemu Pukki, forward of the home team, generated a lot of controversy for being marked offside for a millimeter issue. The fans threatened to protest in the next game against VAR. “Stop ruining live football”, they complained.


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