Job creation in small businesses grows 40% and Eduardo defends incentives for the sector


Data from the General Register of Employed and Unemployed (Caged) show that small businesses in Paraíba generated a total of 8,976 jobs between the months of January and December 2019. The number is 40% higher than that registered in the same period of 2018, when micro and small companies generated a total of 6,376 vacancies in the state. For the state deputy and president of the Parliamentary Front of Entrepreneurship and Economic Development of the Legislative Assembly of Paraíba (ALPB), Eduardo Carneiro (PRTB), it is necessary to guarantee more incentives so that the sector can generate even more jobs.

According to Caged data, in 2019 the sectors that generated the most jobs in small businesses in Paraíba were services, with 5,602 jobs generated between January and December, and commerce, with 1,930 jobs in the same period, followed by the sector agriculture, which was responsible for 1,331 opportunities in MSEs during the year.

For the deputy, the performance of small businesses in generating job vacancies shows the importance of micro and small companies for the country’s economy. “We have an intense work in the State with a Parliamentary Front for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development and we are going to intensify even more to ensure that new ventures arise in all municipalities. Our goal is to further intensify the dialogue with the productive sector, mapping the potential of our Paraíba and guaranteeing new incentives ”, highlighted Eduardo.

The deputy also recalled some factors that were essential for the growth of entrepreneurship in 2019, such as the creation of the Simple Credit Company (ESC), which allows micro and small companies to acquire loans with low interest rates and with less bureaucracy; the regulation of the Art Seal, which guarantees the commercialization, throughout the country, of food products of animal origin produced by hand; in addition to the Economic Freedom Law, which reduces the bureaucracy of opening and managing companies, it has brought more confidence to those who want to undertake.

Brazil – Small businesses ended the year with a balance of 731 thousand jobs, 22% more than in 2018. Medium and large companies end the year with a negative balance of 88 thousand jobs, almost double that registered in 2018. .

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