Learn how to get the perfume right and still save


They say that in the smallest bottles are the best perfumes. True or not, when buying a fragrance, it is necessary to take into account factors besides the size of the package and the aroma. Understand what different products are on store shelves and learn to choose the ideal perfume for the intended use are important measures for both hit the buy how much for save money.

On an increasing scale of fragrance concentration, there are Cologne, O eau de toilette, O eau de parfum it’s the perfume (or parfum, as they say in French). There is still the splash: according to the consultant and perfume specialist Dénis Pagani, it is a kind of cologne – that is, it is not very concentrated – but with a different use focus, since it can be used in a large amount throughout the body. The higher the concentration of the fragrance in the formula, the higher the product’s selling price and the duration of the aroma on the skin.

But there are also differences in intention between the varieties. Author of the 1nariz website, Pagani explains that the eau de toilette will always be brighter and more vibrant than the eau de parfum of the same fragrance. To get the purchase right, the ideal is to balance the characteristics of the product with the personal taste of who will use it. This means that, for those who prefer a light aroma for everyday life, for example, it is not necessary to invest so much in a perfume – something cheaper already satisfies.

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– A fragrance’s parfum values ​​raw materials that are more intense and deep, so use floral extracts that are more noble and specific, even more expensive. Maybe it’s not a perfume to use so often. If the person wants a perfume to cool off, it will probably be in the slightly lower concentrations, in the eau de toilette or in the cologne. If you want something more intense, with personality and presence, it will probably be in the highest concentrations – indicates the perfume specialist.

To save on the purchase of perfumes, the consumer must be aware of promotions made by big stores and multibrands. Shopping in unknown stores is not recommended, as there is a risk of taking home a counterfeit product. THE internet facilitates price research and on e-commerce sites, it’s worth checking for items outlet or in sale off. Although it is difficult to find releases with discounts, you can pan ordinary perfumes and special editions with affordable prices.

According to Dennis Pagani, the dispute over two major national brands the leadership of the Brazilian perfume market has been favorable to consumers, who have been benefiting from the competitive promotions promoted by companies.

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– I have seen many good offers all year round, perfumes up to 50% off. Soon after holidays, there are always great promotions too – says the consultant.

Journalist and entrepreneur Denise Wasserman, 54, has a preference for imported perfumes and, to save money, try to buy them in free shops or foreign websites.

– I usually spend about $ 50 in a 50mL bottle, which lasts a year, using every day. I think it is very economical – says the member of the team of “hunters of offers” of “What offer“, platform of the newspapers EXTRA, O Globo and Expresso that gathers, in print and in digital, the best promotions of supermarkets, drugstores and department stores of Rio and Grande Rio.

Denise Wasserman buys imported perfumes at the free shop to save
Denise Wasserman buys imported perfumes at the free shop to save money Photo: Marcelo Régua / Agência O Globo

For Pagani, it is important that the purchase of perfumes is conscious. He says that people often have two or three commonly used perfumes, and two or three more for special occasions. The problem is that sometimes these special occasions only happen once or twice a year. Then, the risk of waste, since perfume spoils, especially after opening. The more air enters the bottle, the more oxygen is in contact with the fragrance raw materials. With this, there is the possibility that they will oxidize more quickly and the smell of the product will change.

– It is worth reviewing this special perfume category. The day of feeling beautiful, prepared, looked at and seductive, all those fantasies that we put on perfume, is every day. After opening, you have to use the product. It’s nice to have one for the moment when we feel different, but we should put this different one a little closer to real life, to make the business circulate and bring a little beauty to everyday life too – ponders the consultant and expert in perfumes.


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