Manu Gavassi’s photo before fame is “dug up” and causes shock


Manu Gavassi
Manu Gavassi started his career doing covers of Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber on YouTube (Photo: Playback)

The singer, who was invited to participate in Globo’s reality show, has been known on the internet for a long time and started her career doing covers on YouTube

Considered the great “wise fairy” of the BBB, from Globo, Manu Gavassi has a trajectory that not everyone knows. That’s because the pop star started doing covers on YouTube, where she sang songs from idols like Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber.

To this day she is a fan of international stars and doesn’t hide it, but a lot has changed since then. She started to represent the old magazine Capricho, which had a lot of “hype” among teenagers. It was then that he managed to score two great hits: Garoto Wrong and Plans Impossible.

After that, the muse has made a soap opera in prime time on Globo, starred in Malhação, made a Disney series, released several musical albums and changed the look a lot. Some even say that the beauty did some plastic surgery. However, when asked in a recent interview, she was very categorical: “I will never reveal”.

Manu Gavassi, BBB
Manu Gavassi has dated Chay Suede and had romance with one of the stars of Gossip Girl (Photo: Reproduction)

Manu Gavassi once had a controversial relationship with Chay Suede and lived a quick romance with an international star

In addition to her career, the brunette also draws attention to her personal life. For those who don’t know, she had a three-year relationship with Globo’s Amor de Mãe heartthrob. The two, however, ended under rumors of a betrayal by him. In the program, by the way, she said that she caught an old partner with another woman in bed. The audience, of course, immediately pointed to the artist. Besides him, the cat has also had fun with Chace Crawford, Nate, from Gossip Girl.

The singer is already a favorite at the Big Brother Brasil 20 grand prize

Manu Gavassi, despite being only at the beginning of the game, is already considered by many as the great winner of the BBB. Proof of this is that she has been the most talked about of social networks, in addition to appearing on the list of people who have gained the most followers on the world internet in recent days. In case that really happens, the famous one had left with a million and a half more in the bank account.


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