New attack in Mali leaves at least 40 dead | World


At least 40 people, including nine soldiers, died in a series of attacks in central Mali, local officials announced on Friday, in a new wave of inter-ethnic violence that has plagued the region.

Of that total, 31 died in an action in Ogossagou, a village inhabited mainly by Peul members, where 160 died last March in a massacre attributed to Dogon militiamen, official sources said.

About 30 armed men took part in the action, in which they also “burned huts and crops and stole livestock,” said village chief Aly Ousmane Barry.

A local government official, who requested anonymity, said 28 people were missing. He attributed the attack to a traditional group of dogon hunters, a claim that has not yet been independently verified.

Since 2015, the region has seen a series of acts of violence and the appearance of a jihadist group affiliated with the Support Group for Islam and Muslims (GSIM), headed by ethnic preacher Peul Amadou Koufa, who has recruited extensively from his community

Peuls are mostly cattle breeders and the Dogon ethnic group practices agriculture.


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