New Zealand has the first police with Artificial Intelligence


This week, New Zealand introduced Ella, the first virtual police force.

The evolution in the field of Artificial Intelligence has made great strides in recent times. A little everywhere, we see machines replacing or reinforcing the work of humans.

February will be marked as the month in which the New Zealand police will have a new member in the team. But this is not a common, but a special element.

Ella: New Zealand's New Police with Artificial Intelligence

This Wednesday, the 12th, a new element was presented to integrate in the New Zealand police.

Ella, of her name, is a virtual assistant who, through Artificial Intelligence, will help the function of the New Zealand police. For now it will carry out basic tasks of the authority.

The assistant has been integrated into a real-time animation system and will simulate interactions with people who use its services.

Although it has already been introduced, it is only this Monday, February 17, that this virtual police will officially enter the service.

For now, Ella will receive visitors who travel to the New Zealand national police headquarters, inform the entity's officials about the arrival of the people, and direct them to the place where they will collect the passes.

In addition, you can talk to people about the entire police verification process, among other topics that are justified in your work.

But its functions may change in a few months. As you refer Mike Bush, New Zealand police commissioner:

Its capabilities are basic at this stage, as it is a proof of concept, but we see some real benefits of digital technology for people if we can equip artificial intelligence with more knowledge and the ability to learn with more interactions.

Ella was created by domestic technology companies Intela AI and Soul Machines, having been programmed with a unique voice and body language, in order to make it as realistic as possible.

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