Parish is denounced for charging late tithing from the faithful


A parish in the city of Nova Fátima, in the north of Paraná, became news on social networks. With the tithe late, some faithful received collection letters signed by Father Nelson Mendes Vasconcelo, Dom Manoel, Dom Getúlio and the Pastoral do Títimo.

In the message, the text of the Parish of Nossa Senhora de Fátima emphasized:

“We have found through the tithe payers system that your tithe has been delayed since January 2018. Since it is God’s will, if you want to make a tithe payer, please contact the Parish Secretariat. ‘Tithing is biblical and is a commitment to God and the church’. God bless you. Amen.”

Credit: Getty Images / iStockphotopeople putting tithing into Velvet offering bag in church

The news came to light after a complaint was made to the G1 portal by a relative of one of the faithful. “She [moradora] called me saying: ‘You will not believe it, I received a tithing payment today’. She was very embarrassed, said that she had no way of showing up at church anymore. According to her, it is a burden that bothers and discourages. ”

The woman, who did not have her name revealed, also revealed that she left the church and now works in other parishes in the region. “I have been an altar boy all my life, we have always participated, but lately, no one else goes because of the priest. She [moradora] he said he stopped contributing to the tithing envelope after other parishioners reported that they gave R $ 10, and the priest said it was alms. But she [moradora] he kept putting the money in the box at the time of the offer ”, she explained.

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