Pele appears in a photo with a photographer days after his son’s revealing interview


Pele appears in a photo with his niece days after his son's interview - Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

Pele appears in a photo with his niece days after his son’s interview – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

For a long time without making public appearances, Skin reappeared in a post made by photographer IVicente, who has been with him for the past few days.

The two appeared embraced in the click, in which the King of Football seems to be well and smiling. “Love much! Uncle of the heart, ”wrote Isadora in the caption.

The image appears days after Edinho, Pelé’s son, give an interview to talking about his father’s health situation. According to him, the ex-player would be dejected because of the difficulties he faces, mainly in locomotion.

“He is very fragile in relation to mobility. He underwent a hip transplant and did not undergo adequate, ideal rehabilitation. So, he has this mobility problem, which ends up causing a certain depression ”, said Edinho in the interview.

Also according to the interview, Pelé avoids leaving home and can no longer walk without the help of a walker. The press has reported, in recent years, several star entries in hospitals to treat hip problems.

Last year, Pelé was admitted to a hospital in Paris, France, because of a high fever. An infection was discovered, which made him spend a few days under observation. On the way out, after being discharged, he was photographed in a wheelchair and was very dejected.

Since then, the 79-year-old former player has dramatically reduced his appearances in the press. However, he issued a statement shortly after Edinho’s interview with Globo Esporte.

“Thank you for your prayers and concerns. I am fine. I’m turning 80 this year. I have my good and bad days. This is normal for people my age, ”he said at the beginning of the text.

He went on to say that he has not avoided appearing because of his health problems. “I do not avoid fulfilling the commitments on the agenda, always on the move. I continue to observe the physical limitations in the best possible way, but I intend to keep the ball rolling, ”he added.


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