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– Console goes through manufacturing complications.


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→ Much is expected of the new console from Sony, O Playstation 5, which should reach the market this year with the XBox Series X, gives Microsoft, opening the gate for the new generation of consoles and games. Now, a report from Bloomberg states that the console goes through manufacturing difficulties that make the production of PS5.

According to the website, there is a lack of components like DRAM and flash memory RAND, which ended up not only increasing the cost of manufacturing the hardware, but also canceling the camera function that the device would bring.

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In addition, the text states that large parts of the launch games for the PS5 will also be available for PS4, and that Sony awaits announcement of the price of Xbox Series X to decide the final value of the Playstation 5.

As the game developer Mike Futter pointed at your Twitter, $ 450 Dollars would be the basic production price of Playstation 5, a value that would reach even higher to the final consumer considering the packaging and distribution of the device. According to Futter, “$ 450 dollars is not where the price [do PS5] ends, but where it starts.

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