PM is retired at 29 years old and can be expelled for supporting # EleNo


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“Everything happened at the same time, the texts came out, the following year I am retired; the other year I get an exclusion procedure, ”says Martel Alexandre del Colle, 29, military police Paraná, author of critical texts to PM and to the federal and paranaense governments.
THE Public Agency, Martel talked about the administrative process that could evict him from the corporation. He is accused by PM Disciplinary Board of “bringing public knowledge [em textos publicados no site Justificando] serious charges against the Military Police of Paraná as well as to the detriment of constituted civil authorities ”. On January 21, he was notified of the internal investigation that resulted in the indictment.
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Retired since the end of last year because of a depression, Martel won repercussion on the internet in October 2018, after having published: “He doesn’t because I’m a policeman”, in which he declared a vote against the then candidate for president Jair Bolsonaro. Since then, Martel started to publish critical and analytical texts about the Military Police itself and about public security policies of Twitter and Ratinho Jr., governor of Paraná.
Martel is also coordinator in Paraná of ​​the group Policial Antifascismo, a movement formed by public security agents that defends democracy in the police and guidelines such as demilitarization and an end to the war on drugs. For him, the PM’s codes of ethics and the Army’s disciplinary regulations, which are used to punish police officers who criticize the corporation, go against constitutional rights such as freedom of expression.
Generally applied in serious cases, when police officers commit crimes and it is considered that the agent is no longer in a position to remain in the corporation, the lawsuit against Martel’s opinion can cause the police officer to be expelled and stop receiving his retirement. Sought, the PM of Paraná did not respond until publication.

Since when are you retired?
My retirement procedure started around April 2019. I was called to the police medical board and made an appointment with the psychiatric sector – I was dealing with a depression and had been hospitalized, including. I heard there was a rumor going on among the cops that I was going to be retired. In September or October, a policeman came to my house to sign the retirement document.
Wasn’t it something that came from you?
No, I had no choice. In fact, I was undergoing psychological treatment. I’ve dealt with depression for a while, at the beginning of the year [2019] I had been hospitalized for about 30 days. But, I didn’t know, it took months for me to dilute the news. Being 29 and retired is not something that happens to everyone.
Do you see the relationship between retirement and the fact that you publish critical texts?
Sincerely, I do not know. I can’t get a clear answer because I don’t know how much it influenced, if it influenced; I don’t know how many police officers are retired from the police due to depression. I believe that the doctors who work at the medical board do serious work and that they understood that I was no longer able to be on the street. But it all happened at the same time: the texts came out, the following year I am retired; the other year I receive an exclusion procedure.
Your first repercussion text is when you support # EleNo?
I knew that my criticism went far beyond Bolsonaro and that I could suffer more than just saying “I don’t vote for Bolsonaro because I don’t agree”. But I wanted to do it because we were at the moment of the second round where his chance of winning was starting to grow, which was unbelievable for me. For me, he is a guy who has no knowledge, who has no ability to hold any position. When I saw that it was becoming a real possibility, I thought that it was necessary to take responsibility for all the police and for all the organs. I did a little harder text in an attempt to call the cops to reflect. I think you’ve reached the goal. I know that many policemen didn’t like it.
What was the reaction to the text?
I wrote one day and the next day I had some policemen, friends, colleagues, saying that “the text is in every police, everyone is aware of that text”. The range was even greater than I imagined. It was basically divided into three groups: the group that agreed, that thinks like me; the second group that, despite not agreeing with everything I wrote, said that I had the right to express myself, that my opinion was important because it within the police balances and brings reflection; and there was the third group that was the one who didn’t like it, thought he shouldn’t, that the policeman can’t write, especially speaking ill of these authorities – never about Bolsonaro and Sergio Moro.
Was there a lawsuit within the police over this text?
I wrote the text and in the same week the police department called me to be heard. I didn’t even know what it was about, I got there and they didn’t know it either. I suspect that someone told them to do it as a reprisal, but they also didn’t know how to deal with it. Then they opened an investigation to evaluate my texts and at that time they transferred me – a very unusual transfer. This does not happen in the police, when you wake up one day and say that you are being transferred to another place, without anyone telling you anything. It was very clear that it was a persecution, a form of reprisal. I went to the police directorate to say it was a form of reprisal, while my transfer deadline was rolling, and then they argued that I didn’t transfer in a timely manner and then sentenced me to prison in 2019.
Did you get stuck?
Yes, I was stuck there in Matinhos [cidade do Paraná]. I got it one day.
Do the reasons for voting against Bolsonaro remain?
Bolsonaro for me remains the same person. He does nothing but make controversy. The idea is to keep the people always in hatred, in this non-reflection on reality, while some people are paying a very high price for it.
What is the return of the texts that you have done?
When I started writing, many people came to Facebook to say that I was a military policeman, that they agreed with me, that I was helping them to understand the topic, but that they were afraid to identify themselves. Many policemen said: “Oh, I agree, but please don’t tell anyone, I don’t want to expose myself”. Many policemen brought me stories of them, who had suffered abuse of authority in the police, harassment, and asked me to publish, only without a name, anonymously. The most serious thing is not even the question of the police agreeing or disagreeing with my opinion, but the fact that a police officer is afraid to express his opinion. It is very serious, especially if we do not see this fear in certain political ideologies. It is very easy for you to open social networks and see many policemen who say that Lula is a thief, saying sexist insults against Dilma, criticizing STF ministers because of some decisions. And I never saw a procedure open because of that. It is very curious that police officers who have a different ideology are afraid to express themselves, while the other side is not ashamed to express themselves, nor is punishment considered for this type of attitude.
Regarding the processes, what can be said about the referrals?
The one from the internal affairs was very strange. They called me, there was a subpoena, but there was no process, no procedure, nothing. They called me because I had written the text and nothing else happened. Then there was an inquiry afterwards.
The investigation was concluded, but they did not warn me of the conclusion. I have now learned that the conclusion is that there is a disciplinary board that can lead to my exclusion.
So the inquiry that was opened after the publication of the text resulted in this process that has now come out?
This, this inquiry is attached to this process and is its generating motive.
Did you expect it to come to that?
I never expected it, due to several factors. First, because the discipline council, the ADL (Disciplinary Licensing Verification), which is another disciplinary action by the police, are documents used for extremely serious cases. For example, the police officer executed someone, or is involved in a death squad, or stole someone. So, putting my opinion on the same level as these very serious crimes is already something that was very surprising to me. It shows how some citizens within the police are seeing the fact that I give my opinion, especially an opinion contrary to what they wanted me to give. The second surprise is because I have already been arrested, I have already responded to an inquiry, I had already responded to disciplinary action, I retired, so I believed they had already left it. It’s unbelievable, I think a limit was crossed that I didn’t imagine.
What are the police internal regulations and what do police officers say about freedom of opinion? And what criticism do you [Policiais Antifascismo] do to that?
We are governed by Army disciplinary regulations, the PM code of ethics and other codes. The main problem is the issue of militarism, because the Army’s disciplinary regulations are very broad, and it is for a totally different function.
The criticism of the military is reduced because, usually when the Army is called to action, it involves the security of the country, it involves national sovereignty, another level of issues, but the Military Police does not fulfill this function. Our role is much more social. These regulations create a very strange situation in which the police cannot criticize your corporation. Becomes corporatist.
Do you believe that the application of this regulation violates the Constitution?
There is a conflict between constitutional law and these infra-constitutional administrative regulations. But it was never evaluated, precisely because we left the military dictatorship with a desire not to discuss everything that had happened. But sooner or later these conflicts were going to happen, sooner or later someone would criticize and receive a procedure.
What is your defense strategy?
It is all very recent. I received help from many people, and I can only thank them. We are trying to define a strategy.
Has this type of lawsuit been recurring against other police officers who take a position like you?
Of that level of severity, I don’t know any. But within the Anti-Fascist Police Officers and outside of it I have seen police officers, especially in this matter of opinion, when it is from a more progressive sector, who are responding to administrative proceedings, responding to other types of proceedings for giving their opinion. What is unprecedented in mine is that they went to the most serious level. I am being equated with the police who commit the most terrible things within the police.
How did you get into Anti-Fascism Policemen?
It is a very important movement in the country, it is quite revolutionary by name. Policemen saying they don’t want fascist structures is surprising. Because of my texts, some people got to know me and invited me to join the group since the inauguration in Curitiba. In September last year, there was a congress and we decided on some things, including that each state would have a coordinator, and I was elected coordinator of the movement here in Paraná. Basically, what we want is to bring democracy into the police. My view is that there is no democratic system without a democratic police. First understand the policeman as a worker, leave this idea that he can do anything with the policeman, that he has no rights, that he does not need to have contact with his family, he has no right to happiness, he has no right to psychological care if you have a problem due to your activity. We don’t understand the policeman as fascists. This does not mean that there are no fascist policemen, but our idea is to change a structure that can promote fascist ideas.
Report originally published at Agência Pública
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