Police shot to ‘stop unjust aggression’ and contain Adriano, says bulletin


The police report that tells how the confrontation with police took place that resulted in the death of Adriano da Nóbrega states that he disobeyed the arresting voice given by the agents.

In the document, obtained by The Antagonist (see below), the police report that, as soon as they reached the place where Adriano was hiding and saw him, the former captain drew a firearm and entered the residence, refusing to comply with the order to stop.

“In the face of the investigator’s denial, a ‘tactical cell’ formed[[sic]by three policemen and entered the property, with the other policemen present on the stage surrounded the property. Upon entering the residence, investigated Adriano opposed the legitimate action of members of the Military Police garrison, triggering firearm shots against the intervening parties, resulting in prompt intervention to stop the unjust aggression, using the legal and necessary force to contain the aggressor. ”, Says the BO.

The police say that, after being shot, Adriano still appeared to be alive and, therefore, was taken to a hospital in Esplanada, where he would have died, for not resisting his injuries.

The official version is contested by the family and the defense of the former captain of BOPE, who are suspicious of execution for burning the file – Adriano commanded militias in Rio and had been on the run for a year.

See the full report below:


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