Procon notifies Via Varejo for sale of computers with outdated software


Windows 7


SÃO PAULO – Procon-SP, linked to the Secretariat of Justice and Citizenship, notified Via Varejo for the sale of computers with Windows 7, considering that the continuous software and security updates for this version were discontinued on January 14th.

According to the agency’s note, there were consumer complaints and confirmation of the sale on, one of the brands controlled by Via Varejo.

Procon informs that the retailer must clarify whether consumers have been properly informed of the lack of updates and, if so, how and at what stage of the purchase this information is passed on. “It should also explain how the information about the need or possibility of updating the software sold by the company is given”.

The notification took place last Friday (31) and the company has 72 hours to respond.

Contacted, Via Varejo did not respond until this publication.


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