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Gerson Brenner when he was a heartthrob at Globo (Photo: Reproduction)
Gerson Brenner when he was a heartthrob at Globo (Photo: Reproduction)

Actor was quite successful in the 90s

In the late 90s, the actor Gerson Brenner he acted in some soap operas and was regarded as one of the greatest heartthrobs of Brazilian TV. At Globo, he had a promising career and starred in several productions, which at the time were great successes.

However, the actor’s career ended up being interrupted very quickly. It turns out that in 1998, while taking a car trip from the city of São Paulo, to Rio de Janeiro, he ended up being the target of a criminal trap that blew his car tires, causing him to be forced to have to stop your vehicle on the shoulder.

The fact happened on the Ayrton Senna highway, and as soon as the car stopped, Gerson Brenner ended up being shot in the head and attacked by miscreants who wanted to steal the actor’s car. At the time, he was in a coma for months and lives today with permanent sequelae such as problems with speech, motor skills and cognition.

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After more than 20 years, Gerson Brenner is undergoing a long recovery treatment, with daily physiotherapy sessions to minimize the disastrous consequences. Because of the unfortunate fact, Gerson Brenner now lives in a wheelchair, he does not walk.

Next to the daughter

Recently, current photos of how the actor is doing today, along with his daughter, Vitória Carolina Tacto Oliveira, were released. On the occasion, Vitória Carolina made a photomontage and made an emotional statement for her father. “I love you,” she said in the publication.

In addition to Vitória, Gerson Brenner is also the father of Ana Luisa Haas de Oliveira, who is fruit from her first marriage to ex-model Ana Cristina Haas. The actor was born on December 22, 1959, and is currently 60 years old and lives in the city of São Paulo.

Gerson Brenner next to his daughter (Image: Reproduction)
Gerson Brenner next to his daughter (Image: Reproduction)


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