Revenue and PF pick up over a ton of ‘export’ cocaine at the port of Santos


During joint actions on Friday, 14, the IRS and the Federal Police seized 1,113 kilos of cocaine in the port of Santos. The seizures occurred in two different exports – the first, a load of wood destined for the port of Antwerp (Belgium), in which 478 kilos were found; and the second, a load of graphite bound for the port of Rotterdam (Holland), with 635 kilos of cocaine hidden.

The selection of containers for the conference was made through objective criteria of risk analysis, including non-intrusive scanner inspection, informed the Customs Institutional Communication Advisory.

There was a positive indication for the presence of drugs from the nose dog of the Revenue, increasing suspicions, confirmed after inspection of the loads and the location of the narcotics.

The seized drug was handed over to the guard of the PF Police Station in Santos, which will continue the investigations.

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