Rio de Janeiro confirms first measles death


The State Department of Health of Rio of January confirmed on the night of yesterday (14) the first measles death in 2020. Secretary Edmar Santos gives an interview this morning to give more details of the case.

The Ministry of Health launched this week the first step the National Measles Vaccination Campaign. Last year, the country recorded 18,200 cases of the disease in 526 municipalities. There were 14 deaths in the state of São Paulo and one in Pernambuco.

The disease

Caused by a virus, measles is a serious infectious disease that can lead to death. Transmission occurs by air, that is, when the infected person coughs, speaks or breathes close to other people.

Even when the patient does not die, there is a possibility that the infection may cause irreversible sequelae. When the disease occurs in childhood, the patient can develop pneumonia, acute encephalitis and acute otitis media, which can lead to permanent hearing loss.

Measles symptoms are fever accompanied by cough, eye irritation, runny nose (runny or stuffy nose) and severe malaise. When the picture is complete for three to five days, red spots may appear on the face and behind the ears.


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