Scientists unravel the genetic secrets of cancer


An international research project has joined efforts to unravel some of the genetic secrets of cancer. The findings may be critical to future therapies.

The Pan-Cancer Project is a research program that aims to better understand cancer and understand possible ways to treat it. This Wednesday, more than two dozen scientific articles on the subject were published in several scientific journals, in what is an effort of more than a thousand researchers.

Although it does not offer practical perspectives in the short term, a better understanding of the theory behind the disease is essential for future treatments. A broader one was acquired knowledge of genetic mutations and new similarities between different types of cancer, for example.

This type of information, according to the New Atlas, can be used to diagnose what type of tumor a patient has and customize the treatment plan based on your cancer’s unique genome.

“The accumulated knowledge about the origin and evolution of tumors may allow the development of new tools to detect cancers earlier, as well as therapies more targetedin order to treat patients more effectively, ”said Lincoln Stein, who collaborates with the Pan-Cancer Project.

The researchers found at least one causative mutation in almost all types of cancer, leaving only 5% of tumors with unexplained origins. Prior to this panoply of studies, almost one in three tumors were of unknown genetic causes.

Through a more in-depth study of the cancer genome, the vast team of researchers hopes to discover even more mutations that lead to cancer growth.

“The discoveries we share with the world today are the culmination of a unparalleled collaboration, a decade old, that explored the entire cancer genome, ”explained Stein.


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