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The new composition, referring to the period from January 27 to February 2, brings 30 outstanding titles in the world of finance (Image: Gustavo Kahil / Money Times)

THE Hail (SLED3;SLED4) updated the list of the most traded business books in a week. The new composition, for the period from January 27 to February 2, brings 30 outstanding titles in the world of finance. Check it out below:

1. From a thousand to a million (Editora Harper Collins)

Author: Thiago Nigro

2. Pai Rico, Pai Pobre – 20 years old edition (Editora Alta Books)

Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki

3. The Power of Self-Responsibility – the proven tool that generates high performance and results in a short time (Editora Gente)

Author: Paulo Vieira

4. The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind – learn to get rich by changing your concepts about money and adopting the habits of successful people (Editora Sextante)

Author: T. Harv Eker

5. Be Fuck! (Publisher Buzz)

Author: Caio Carneiro

6. The Power of Habit – why we do what we do in life and in business (Editora Objetiva)

Author: Charles Duhigg

7. Save me! – 10 steps to never run out of money in your pocket (Editora Sextante)

Author: Nathalia Arcuri

8. The Power of Action – luxury edition (Editora Gente)

Author: Paulo Vieira

9. Paulo Vieira Box – 4 volumes (Editora Gente)

Author: Paulo Vieira

10. Who thinks enriches – the legacy (Editora Cdg)

Author: Napoleon Hill

11. In the Race: how Guilherme Benchimol created XP and started the biggest revolution in the financial market (Editora Intrinsica)

Author: Maria Luíza Filgueiras

12. Get angry! (Publisher Buzz)

Author: Caio Carneiro

13. The Intelligent Investor (Editora Harper Collins)

Author: Benjamin Graham

14. The Harvard Way to Be Happy – the most popular course at one of the best universities in the world (Editora Saraiva)

Author: Shawn Achor

15. The Art of War (Editora Buzz)

Author: Sun Tzu

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16. Who thinks enriches (Editora Fundamento)

Author: Napoleon Hill

17. The Weapons of Persuasion – how to influence and not to be influenced

Author: Robert B. Cialdini

18. The Book of the Five Rings – padded cover (Editora Novo Século)

Author: Musashi

19. The Disney Way of Enchanting Customers (Editora Saraiva)

Author: Disney Institute

20. The Sales Bible – includes the 10.5 commandments of sales success (Editora M. Books)

Author: Jeffrey Gitomer

21. The New Culture Code – life or death in the exponential era (Editora Gente)

Authors: Sandro Magaldi and José Salibi Neto

22. The Monk and the Executive – a story about the essence of leadership (Editora Sextante)

Author: James C. Hunter

23. Inflection Point (Editora Buzz)

Author: Flávio Augusto da Silva

24. Box The Strategy Essentials – 3 volumes (Editora Novo Século)

Authors: Musashi, Sun Tzu and Nicolau Machiavelli

25. The Richest Man in Babilônia (Editora Casa dos Livros)

Author: George S. Clason

26. The Business Book – Grandes Ideias collection (Editora Globo)

Author: Ian Marcousé

27. Essentialism – the disciplined search for less (Editora Sextante)

Author: Greg Mckeown

28. The Art of War – the original thirteen chapters

Author: Sun Tzu

29. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Author: Stephen R. Covey

30. The Wealth of Simple Life (Editora Sextante)

Author: Gustavo Cerbasi


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