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Do you know what disturbance of tranquility is? The offense became known this week after an Uber driver harassed a 17-year-old teenager in Rio Grande do Sul. Upon being arrested and taken to the police station, the suspect justified that the victim wore “Anitta shorts”.

The delegate responsible for the case said that the man will probably be indicted for disturbing tranquility. The term, which until then was little publicized, took many people by surprise, since it was believed that the suspect would be indicted for sexual harassment. But, after all, what is this crime and what is the difference for harassment?

According to the head of the Belo Horizonte Women’s Police Station, Isabella Fran├ža, this offense is when a person says something inconvenient and in bad taste to another person. “It’s an unwanted call, for example”. According to the delegate, the case would only be a nuisance if she had physical contact.

“When talking about sexual harassment, you have to have a libidinous act without the victim’s consent,” he explained. They fit in the crime encoxada, slaps on the buttocks, stolen kiss, among others.

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anittaSinger Anitta’s style was quoted by the suspect


Disturbance of tranquility is a criminal offense considered simple. The penalty ranges from 15 days to two months. But, because it is very small, the accused is not even arrested. The sentence can be reversed in providing services to the community.

“Pestering is already a crime, with a penalty of 1 to 5 years in prison. Depending on the case, it is not even possible to arbitrate bail at the police station,” said Isabella.


Cited by the suspect of the crime, the singer Anitta commented on the case. On social media, she argued that women have the right to wear any type of clothing. “Nothing justifies harassment. The way to dress, sit, and speak does not mean any authorization or request or invitation to be harassed or invaded, abused, raped,” said the artist.


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